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Complete ripoff

Don’t waste your money

Wish I could do half a star

This app is a scam and is a waste. You have to purchase the app and then buy all the wallpapers. Weak!

Complete ripoff!

Complete ripoff! If you pay 0.99, you get the app, no wallpapers! It costs an extra $5 to get anything from this app!


How is this even allowed in the App Store. You pay a dollar but then can’t use anything unless you pay more.


They first make you pay $.99 to download the app . Once you download it you have to pay an additional $4.99 to save the wallpaper .

Rip off!!!!

Horrible!! Don’t waste your money!!!! Read reviews!!!


Don’t pay this app doesn’t work I’m deleting it ASAP

Waste of .99

$5.98 if your a fool like I was.

Don’t waste your money!!

Worst wallpaper app ever. Give me my money back. Sure, it’s only .99 but you literally get about 10 wallpapers and that’s it. Nothing else. Don’t waste your time or money.

Rip off!

Worst .99cent I have ever spent! Such a scam to pay only for previews! Don’t waste your money on this worthless app! Creators should be ashamed of themselves!

Scam scam scam


Complete waste

This is a useless app. You have to buy it just so you can pay $4.99 for the backgrounds. Do not buy this.

Wasted $0.99 and space on my phone

$0.99 to download and you have to add $4.99 to get the live wallpapers,how could Apple have this kind of scam app in its Appstore?


Don’t get it don’t work and is not that many options DONT BUY IT YOU GET CHARGE 4.99 plus 1.99 is to much money for nothing

Waste of money you have to pay extra for the content

Wish I would have read the reviews. I wasted the $.99 on the app then they expect you to pay an extra $4.99 to use the content. Definitely going to look online how to get the money back and start a petition to get this app off the store so no one else gets screwed by these people.


I waste just 99 cents but Is not honest because after you buy it you have to pay another 4.99 for wallpaper imagine 99 cents for thousand people!

Muy mala

No sirve te cobran 5 por cada fondo de pantalla

Bad. Trash. No buying

Es basura no lo compren. Te cobran $.99 centavos y luego te cobran $4.99 por descargar las imágenes, ———————it's garbage do not buy it. they offer it to you at $ 99 cents and then they charge you $ 4.99 for downloading the images it's a scam


This is a rip off!!!


I want my money back........

Fake app

This’s not work well as I thought. Besides It’s also charge for full version. I noted this as fake app.

Waste of time

Don’t bother downloading the App. It costs you another $5 to get any of the themes. Just wasted $0.99 🤬


The worst app ever Apple should remove it from the App Store

Live Wallpapers

I’ve had this app for awhile and don’t like it. I thought it was live. Wrong. Now why would I keep it? I see I gave more stars than it should be getting.

Would give lower if possible

Why creative concept of the app, but not worth more than $5 for a background. When buying the app for $.99 you will then have to pay an extra $4.99 for any of the wallpapers in the app. Not worth it.


$1 to install, $5 to download the wallpapers


This app is not worth the money. .99 cents to preview only and $4.99 to save any as screen savers. And there aren't many to choose from.

Less than 1 star

Features a full demo pay the $.99 for 1 then pay $4 more for still a limited amount of animations. Oh and also it doesn’t live animate the lock screen. Have to tap and hold to play Live Photo. Doesn’t auto animate when lock screen is illuminated. WHATS THE POINT???!!! Useless and lame effect if you have to employ effort to see the animation. Not worth the initial $.99 nonetheless the $4.99 total.


I tell myself to always read the comments. I didn’t. I’m angry with myself. You pay 99 cents just to preview?? Useless unless you upgrade. Should be free. And I could have chosen to pay 4.99 for it. But not now. They can keep my dollar!! Won’t get a penny from me anymore. Please don’t bother to get it unless you want to pay the $6 it will actually cost you.

Worst app ever

Can’t even get the dang photos. I’m going to get a refund for this price of trash app


You pay a buck for the pleasure of choosing a screensaver to pay $5 for


They charge just to view the wallpapers!!!


There’s barely any wallpapers, and you have to spend another five to use ‘em?! What a load of crap!!! 😡🤬


Rip off. Don’t know why this app is still in the APP Store


This is trash you pay for the app just to have to pay another 6 bucks. DONT BUY.

Wasted buck

Read them all. It’s a fact. You pay a buck, then have to pay 5 more. Useless junk. Apple. You’re better than this. Delete this garbage.

Do not waste 99 cents

They scam you - you cannot use any unless you pay another 4.99

Scam alert

They make you pay for it, then you cannot even have a free version of the wallpapers. They ask for more money to get them. Total scam, do not buy.

Stay away ! !

Not a good investment, looks good but don’t work as described. Don’t be like me read the reviews.


You can’t use any of the wallpapers unless you pay another $4.99. Boooo!!!!


UPDATE???! What update. Same old crap, just another day.

Not good

You waste your dollar for nothing

Totally scammed by this.

You pay for it and then you can’t even get any of the wallpapers without paying another 4.99 once you are in the app. What a rip off. Total waste of a dollar.



I hope you’re real proud of yourselves- scam artists.

Seriously. What a con, without reading reviews I bought this and you aren’t able to use any of them... it forces you to pay $4.99 more to be a VIP member??? What a crock of poo poo. Why can’t I just be a regular member and download SOME wallpapers?? SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

Not worth it!

Not worth the $0.99! When the lock screen comes on it’s a still photo. You need to tap and hold for the animation.


.99 to buy then another 4.99 to download. That is crap!!

Worst App EVER!!

This app is nothing but a scam! It’s $0.99 USD to download and when you do you can’t use any of the “wallpapers” there. You have to buy “VIP” which is $4.99 USD to use one. It doesn’t have a big selection of “Wallpapers” either. I personally love the color blue and I seen 3 (even if I was to use it) it wasn’t very amusing. 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 this app and it’s developer (s).


It did not say i had to spend $5 for VIP after spending $1 I wish I would have seen the reviews before I’d got it.

This app is a rip-off!!!

This app is useless! They charge .99 for the app and then they expect you to spend another $5.00 to unlock the live wallpapers!! Wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing this junk app!! Thanks for the screwing you have given us!!!

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